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Saturday, 22 October 2011 13:51

"I have been a judge on the divorce bench for 16 years, and have watched the wreckage of the corrosive legacy of parental alienation and visitation interference play out over decades..."

Article by Judge Michele Lowrance of Cook County, Illinois on Parental Alienation and the courts:


April 2012 was proclaimed as "Stop Parental Alienation"  awareness month" by the Illinois House of Representatives! http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/97/HR/09700HR0724.htm

A mental health specialist says this about Parental Alienation and therapists:

"... it is imperative that mental health steps up and stops debating the existence of the parental alientation processes  -- it exists -- and begin the productive discussion of how best to diagnose and treat alienation processes ...  the courts need clarity from mental health in order to protect the child..."  http://parentalalienationdynamics.blogspot.com/

For some, it’s a child who physically or verbally assaults their parent when they return from the other parent’s home.  For others, it’s a child who slowly withdraws over the years.  These common terms apply:

--- > Parental Alienation   - - --->Hostile Aggressive Parenting - - -- --> Undue Influence - - ---->Child Alienation - - ---->Brainwashing ---Parental Disparagement -- -->  Bad-mouthing, undermining, or 'backstabbing' of the other parent's role

HOW to recognize these conditions?... WHAT to do about them?... WHERE to turn for help?!

CRC-IL affiliated support groups assist parents who are dealing with hostile and negative messaging from one parent, that undermines the other parent’s relationship and role with their child(ren).  This is a form of child manipulation and it requires awareness, knowledge, and resources to combat.

RECENT ILLINOIS CONFERENCE "Parental Alienation, the Research and the Courts", held in Chicago on  June 30, was a huge success.  Over 75 attorneys, counselors, mediators, and parents found the seminars tremendously helpful.  Introductions and welcomes were made by Judge Michele Lowrance, Cook County, Jill Egizii of Parental Alienation awareness, and Mike Doherty, CRC-IL Chairman.  Nationally recognized Parental Alienation expert, author, and researcher, Dr. Amy Baker presented for three hours on "What Does the Research Tell Us?  What Is the Remedy?".   Attorney Brian Ludmer presented throughout the afternoon on "Litigating Parental Alienation - Optimizing Court Outcomes".  Contact CRC-IL for DVDs of this conference!

On-line resources:

Jill Egizii's "Family Matters" radio show.  The best in North America for discussions on Parental Alienation, the courts, and therapy. Many constructive, illuminating stategies to deal with "undue influence" and Parental Alienation is throughly covered in this dynamic Family Matters interview featuring Jill Egizii, family court judge Michele Lowrance, and therapist Linda Gottlieb:



This particular episode with attorney Brian Ludmer, aired on January 13, 2012, is an excellent discussion of what judges should be doing to deal with Parental Alienation cases and what affected parents should know about selecting and guiding an attorney:


The "PA 911 Workbook" by experts Jill Egizii and judge Michele Lowrance can help parents and therapists map out a constructive strategy to deal with Parental Alienation: http://www.parentalalienation911.net/About-Us.html (also on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Parental-Alienation-911-Work-book/dp/0615662498)

Strategies to deal with Parental Alienation in therapy, by counselor Linda Gottlieb, LMFT, of NYC:


The PA Awareness USA organization, led by Jill Egizii:  www.paawarenessusa.org


Dr. Craig Childress videos -  A clinical psychologist who works with adolescents in California. Incredibly helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_BIUVTnxZM&feature=youtu.be

Dr. Amy Baker and Richard Sauber:  Working with Alienated Children and Families:  A Clinical Guidebook.



Reference text: "Children Held Hostage:  Dealing with Programmed and Brainwashed Children" by Dr. Stanley Clawar and Brynne Rivlin.  Section of Family Law of the American Bar Association, 1991Largest study of alienated children ever undertaken:  "The study is a result of a twelve-year research endeavor covering approximately one thousand cases.  Seven hundred cases have been selected because they were complete enough for a full data analysis"http://apps.americanbar.org/abastore/index.cfm?section=main&fm=Product.AddToCart&pid=5130034

Dr. Raymond Havlicek (PhD, ABPP, FAACP) checklist - Parental Alienation:  http://www.drhavlicek.com/what_everyone_should_know_about.htm

"Alienated children almost always say, “It’s my own decision and my mother (or father) doesn’t tell me what to think.” Alienating parents never acknowledge saying or doing anything, and instead insist that the alienated child reached their own conclusion about the targeted parent free of any parental influence."

Dr. Richard Warshack,  leading national authority, researcher and clinical psychologist specializing in Parental Alienationhttp://www.warshak.com/author/index.html , his helpful video, "Welcome Back Pluto" http://www.warshak.com/alienation/pluto-dvd-2.html and guidebook "Divorce Poison": http://www.warshak.com/divorce-poison/index.html

Dr. Amy Baker, nationally recognized expert in Parental Alienation and researcher on adult survivors of this condition: http://www.amyjlbaker.com/ Dr. Baker is often published in this Psychology Today blog: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/caught-between-parents/201106/parental-alienation-is-emotional-abuse-children Dr. Baker's excellent lecture on her Parental Alientation findings is at: http://www.amyjlbaker.com/parents.html

Dr. Doug Darnall It was CRC-IL's pleasure to interview him on the Chicago radio show, Uncommon Law (by attorney Kurt Muller) in December of 2009Author of "Divorce Casualties: Understanding Parental Alienation" http://www.parentalalienation.org/

Dr. Ludwig F. LowensteinParental alienation is due to a shared psychotic disorder called "Folie a Deux"


Parental Alienation Disorder (a blogsite)  Provides a list of resource materials with commentary.  "“We live in a culture that assumes if there is an estrangement, the parents must have done something really terrible,” said Dr. Coleman, whose book “When Parents Hurt” (William Morrow, 2007) focuses on estrangement. “But this is not a story of adult children cutting off parents who made egregious mistakes. It’s about parents who were good parents, who made mistakes that were certainly within normal limits.” http://padsupport.wordpress.com/

A commentary by child advocate Mike Jeffries, succinctly explains Parental Alienation:


Jennifer McBride's poignant story of Parental Alienation in "The Lost Promise of Fatherhood": http://jennifermcbride.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/the-lost-promise-of-fatherhood/#comments

Parental Alienation, Assessment and Intervention presentation by Calvert and Cameron:


“Custodial parents seeking to exclude the other parent have, therefore, taken to socially and psychologically turning the child away from the other parent so that the child, and not the custodial parent, refuses the visitation. This type of "alienation" has been characterized by the Second Department (New York) as a "subtle and insidious" form of visitation interference that may cause even "greater and more permanent damage to the emotional psyche of a child" than the garden variety visitation interference.7

Dr. Janet Johnston described the historical recognition of this phenomenon:  “The phenomenon of a child's strident rejection of one parent, generally accompanied by strong resistance or refusal to visit or have anything to do with that parent, was first recognized by Wallerstein and Kelly (1976, 1980) in their seminal study on children of divorce. They described it as an "unholy alliance" between an angry parent and an older child or adolescent.”

[excerpted from the Law Guardian Reporter, published by the Appellate Divisions of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, August, 2006 Volume XXII, Issue III,  “Father? What Father?  Parental Alienation and its Effect on Children” by Chaim Steinberger]

Email CRC-IL for more information about Parental Alientation at "contact us" on our home page.

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