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CRC-IL affiliated groups:

The Children's Rights Council of Illinois (CRC-IL) promotes and develops Shared Parenting support and resource groups in Chicagoland and Central Illinois (McLean and adjacent counties) These county groups evaluate local resources, develop leadership, share best-parenting practices, and advocate for improvements to county programs.

For more information about the resource group nearest youemail us, or text or leave a message at 312-869-9310.



Email us here: Children's Rights Council of Illinois

Children's Rights Council National Organization: Children's Right Council, Washington, D.C.


On-line legal information and forms: Illinois Legal Aid

Research on Fatherhood –  The National Fatherhood Initiative

Dads Divorce interviews & forums –  DadsDivorce.com

An interesting project underway in Arizona, communicating to divorcing adults through the eyes and ears of the children:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1825859875/if-your-kids-could-make-the-rules-of-divorce

Establishing paternity in Illinois - free help, obtaining a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity, and an excellent Q&A on paternity issues:  http://www.childsupportillinois.com/general/hfs3282.html

 Relevant studies on parenting time and related issues:

Research on the value of father engagement and participation in child-raising: Child Welfare Information Gateway: The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, by Rosenberg and Wilcox

Shared Parenting legislation in the U.S.:  "Bargaining in the Shadow of Joint Parenting", by Douglas Allena and Margaret Brinig, 2005.


"This paper uses a unique data set on divorcing couples to analyze the effects of a change in legal entitlement within the family. In particular, we analyze the 1997 change to custody provisions in the state of Oregon. ... However, joint parenting laws are not restricted to one state. In fact, Iowa and Maine have also changed their law and there is legislative activity regarding joint parenting in most states. More than forty states (and the District of Columbia) have class action suits over equal treatment in custody awards"

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The Children's Rights Council of Illinois is a chapter of the national Children's Rights Council. We are a non-profit service provider led by volunteer parents.  We develop regional co-parenting support groups and provide access to a statewide network that is committed to the best Shared Parenting practices and to helping others stay connected with their children.

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