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Monday, 16 April 2012 09:32


Illinois House of Representatives current bills http://www.ilga.gov/
THE Comprehensive family law reform bill HB1452, sponsored by Rep. Kelly Burke of Oak Lawn:

The MOST COMPREHENSIVE FAMILY LAW REFORM BILL SINCE 1977!   Children's Rights Council of Illinois and other organizations played a supporting role in the development of its underlying proposals to reform child custody, parenting time, relocation, and parental standing statutes.

With its current language, nonresident parents would be far more likely to to remain in their children’s lives on a meaningful level with passage of this bill. This bill also includes the requirement that parenting plans shall be submitted to the courts and that judges shall approve parenting plans that maximize children’s access to both parents. The language in the bill also addresses relocation in a manner that will improve the representation of “left behind” parents, for relocations that are within the state boundaries.  EMAIL OR CALL CRC-IL TODAY to learn how you can support this bill!



1"1) Guardians Ad Litem Training" bill on Parental Alienation, HB3287 sponsored by Representative Dan Brady.  This would add “parental alienation” to our state statutes, for the first time in Illinois history!  Help us put “parental alienation” on the law books in Illinois and make sure that YOUR GAL is training in Parental Alienation!


2) HR113 (Parental Alienation Awareness Month). This is a repeat last year's House Resolution, which was also sponsored by Rep. Jil Tracy and championed by CRC-IL and PAAO. HR113, has only ONE sponsor at this time. WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!  Call your State Representative TODAY and ask them to sponsor HR113.




NOTE: "Stop Parental Alienation" awareness month (HR0724) was also sponsored by Rep. Jil Tracy AND passed in 2012 with CRC-IL activsts support!  April has now been declared "Stop Parental Alienation" awareness month by the Illinois House of Representatives.  CRC-IL applauds Rep. Jil Tracy and co-sponsors Rep. Dan Brady, Rep. Robert Pritchard, and Rep. Carol Sente for sponsoring HR0724 in 2012. As a result of our CRC-IL calls to State Representatives in 2012, the number of sponsors for that version bill doubled and our efforts helped diversify its legislative support base.


CRC-IL Board members have attended the Child Support Advisory Committee (CSAC) meetings over the past year and both CRC-IL activists and board members have spoken to the Committee leaders, during the 'public input' section at the end of each of their meetings. At the last meeting CSAC meeting in December, it was acknowledged that the proposed draft Child Support reform proposal still needs to be reviewed by the Chicago Bar Association (CBA) and then may need to be reviewed by the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA). It appears unlikely that the CSAC will meet this year's legislative deadlines, which may be for the best. The advocacy organizations have not been invited to participate in the process of the CSAC’s deliberations, but only allowed to submit written comments and verbally comment after the fact, on ending reports and proposals made by the committee. The advocacy organizations will need the remainder of this year to advance a strategic initiative to amend the CSAC proposal, in whatever form it is eventually introduced. Please go to the CSAC’s website http://www.childsupportillinois.com/advisory/ to download their proposed reform to Illinois Child Support guidelines.



The Child Support Advisory Committee is in the process of drafting a legislative proposal. Once a draft is completed, the Committee and HFS will seek sponsorship of the bill from a Member of the General Assembly for presentation in the Spring 2012 session.

The legislative proposal will include a suggested effective date. That date is likely to be some years in the future – perhaps as far out as 2014- to allow for the amount of time it will take to implement a new system and to provide the necessary education and training.




HB 1604 "Visitation Abuse" . This bill would widen the array of penalties in responding to unlawful Visitation Abuse (aka "Visitation Interference").

HB 1589, "Military (child) Custody". This bill provided reinstatement of pre-deployment child custody orders upon the end of deployment by military personnel, within a specified timeframe, unless the other party shows that it is not in the best interest of the child to reinstate the order.
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